1967 Toyota 2000GT Is LA Auto Show Gem

The LA Auto Show is currently being held at the Los Angeles Convention Centre and in the Toyota section there’s a real hidden gem from yesteryear.

With this year’s LA Auto Show now well underway, it seems as good a time as any to talk about a car that isn’t the most efficient; isn’t the safest (although it’s not unsafe); and isn’t the best performing. It is, however, probably the coolest.

Anyone who’s been lucky enough to get to this year’s show and made it to the Toyota section will have found a very cool car that dates back to 1967: a Toyota 2000GT.

Now you may be wondering why, especially with so many other cars to talk about, we’re focussing on the 2000GT? The answer is simple: because it’s a car that represents a turning point in Japanese auto-manufacturing history.

You see back in 1965, when the 2000GT was announced as a concept, Japan was better known for making motorcycles than cars and the world auto industry was still deciding whether to take it seriously. The Toyota 2000GT proved that Japan could produce vehicles that were as good as any at the time.

By today’s standards, though, the Toyota 2000GT isn’t much to write home about. It was powered by a 150-horsepower 2-litre engine, which was good enough to see the GT keep up with a Porsche 911 at the time.

The fact remains that only 337 2000GTs were ever made and it’s thought that only around 50 ever made it to North America; making it one of the rarest sights you’ll see these days.

It did, however, get its time in the limelight when it featured in the 1967 James Bond movie You Only Live Twice. Perhaps that’s testimony to just how cool this car is.

Don’t get too excited about owning one though as they’re becoming increasingly rare and fetch a pretty penny nowadays. In fact, a pristine 1967 Toyota 2000GT sold for a lofty $1.2 million back in May 2013.

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