2017 Civic Type-R Expected to be Sub-$50K in Aus

All-new Civic Type-R will not get hot climate reductions in Australia and hopefully come with a sub-$50k price tag, making it super competitive.


Honda has promised that the all-new Civic Type-R will be packed with as much ‘gear’ as possible and come with a competitive price tag.

According to Honda’s Australian brand director, Stephen Collins, the all-new Civic that lands on Australian shores will boast all the same options as its overseas counterparts, making it as comprehensive as possible.

“We’re going to bring it in, like we do with most of our vehicles, pretty stacked with everything that’s available so I wouldn’t imagine we’ll leave anything major sitting on the shelf,” he said.

“I think we’re going to take a similar approach to NSX, we’re going to bring in the best version, I always call it the hamburger with the lot, and I think on that type of car that’s what we’re going to deliver,” he added.

In the NSX’s case, that equates to a starting price of a whopping $420,000, compared to the US$156,000 ($209,400) asking price in the US. However, Australian buyers will be treated to powered seats, carbon ceramic brakes and a rear carbon spoiler, which are all costly extras in the US.

We can expect much of the same when it comes to the Civic, with the Australian model likely to arrive with any of the Type R’s European options fitted as standard for the market here.

Unfortunately, though, Collins didn’t want to be drawn on whether the Type-R was definitely going to come in under 50k. “Look it’s still early, I think certainly my desire would be for that… we’ll certainly make it competitive, but you’ll have to wait and see,” he said.

While power and torque figures are still a closely-guarded Honda secret, Australian fans can rest assured that the model they’ll be able to get their hands on matches the European specifications, and that no hot-climate reductions have been planned.

The current iteration of the Civic Type-R outputs 228kW and 400Nm, which places it higher than the Volkswagen Golf R, but lower than the Ford Focus RS – vehicles that both feature all-wheel-drive, while the Civic sticks to front-wheel only.

Honda has not yet given a definitive release date for the Civic Type-R in Australia, and all we know is that a third-quarter of 2017 window is what it’s working towards.

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