2018 Civic Type-R quieter than predecessor thanks to innovative exhaust system

2018 Civic Type-R quieter than predecessor thanks to innovative exhaust system

The awesome-looking exhaust system on the all-new Honda Civic Type-R was specifically designed to lower engine boom in the cabin.


One of the 2018 Honda Civic Type-R’s biggest talking points is its three-pipe exhaust system. But if you thought it was added to not only look cool, but also add some extra audible grunt, you’ll be surprised to learn that it actually makes the car quieter.

According to Honda spokesman Kotaro Yamamoto, who was talking with Australian-based CarAdvice, the Type-R’s triple exhaust setup enhances the good sound and eliminates the bad noise.

The middle pipe of the three is a different diameter to the other two and sits slightly askew of the two pipes that flank it. And it’s this slightly smaller middle pipe that plays the biggest role when it comes to sound, essentially acting like a resonator, while the other two pipes are just straight through exhausts.

At low to moderate RPM, the middle pipe acts like an ordinary exhaust – emitting fumes and “creating a distinctive and sporty engine sound,” Yamamoto said. But when the revs get higher, the centre pipe acts like an intake due to negative pressure and lessens the booming noise you might expect to hear inside the car at certain speeds.

Yamamoto said that Honda achieved this “without using any flaps or valves – just by the layout and the diameter of the pipes, by the location of where they’re attached.”

So why did Honda go to all this trouble just to lessen the Type-R’s roar? It’s thought that previous owners had actually complained about the previous generation model’s exhaust system resonating too much in the cabin. Which, if true, highlights that Honda definitely takes what its customers say into consideration.


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