3,000-HP Nissan GT-R hits 255mph, destroys half-mile record [video]

3,000-HP Nissan GT-R hits 255mph, destroys half-mile record [video]

The GT-R, built by English Racing, is now the fastest car ever in the standing half-mile.


The Nissan GT-R is a tuners dream and performance shops have been pushing Godzilla to the limit over the years trying to achieve insane horsepower figures and break records.

And when you thought there were no more boundaries to push and no more records to break, the team at Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) go and do both – becoming the world’s fastest GT-R in the process.

Just last week, the ETS GT-R – with its bone-shattering 3,000-horsepower – clocked a 252mph trap speed in the half-mile at Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack in Colorado.

But that wasn’t quite enough for ETS and driver Lucas English.

They headed out for another run and on the second attempt, English managed to get the GT-R off to the perfect start and was clocked at downright crazy 255mph at the half-mile mark. So not only did they claim a new world record – which had only been set a month previously by a Lamborghini Huracan – but they also subsequently broke it again few minutes later.

The ETS GT-R is fully stripped out, with no interior and a full roll cage. At the back, it boasts a set of enormous drag radials and a parachute to help it stop.

Pikes Peak Airstrip sits approximately 6,100 feet above sea level, but the twin turbo system rigged up by ETS was able to offset the elevation by forcing phenomenal amounts of air through the V-6 engine. Additionally, the thinner atmosphere offered less resistance to the GT-R, helping it push past the 250 mph mark with ease.

Here’s a video of the run:

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