850-Horsepower Toyota Camry? Yes please!

This 2015 Toyota Camry puts out an insane 850-horsepower and could quite possibly be the most amazing sleeper car ever made…

It’s been nicknamed the “Sleeper Camry” by Toyota and it was unveiled on Tuesday at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas.

Now when we talk about sleeper cars we’re referring to those machines that look seemingly ordinary on the outside but harbour a menacingly dark secret under the bonnet – or body, in the case of this Camry.

Sleeper cars are nothing new but Toyota have taken the concept to a whole different level with their 2015 Sleeper Camry. And the best part is from the outside there are almost no clues that this is anything other than a regular Camry; unless you pay particular attention to the wheels and tyres.

On the inside, however, this beast is about as far from a Camry as you can get. But to see it for yourself, you have to life up the entire shell of the car.


What you’ll find underneath is a purpose-built full tube-frame chassis. Mounted to this is a 5.7-litre V8 engine from a Toyota Tundra pickup truck. This alone would be an impressive engineering feat but Toyota’s Motorsports Technical Centre weren’t finished there.

To the 381-horsepower Tundra engine they bolted a supercharger and then, just for good measure, a wet nitrous system. The end result is the 850-horsepower Sleeper Camry that you see in front of you.

Toyota expect their Frankenstein’s monster to complete a quarter-mile run in around 9.8 seconds. Now that’s fast!

Unfortunately, the Sleeper Camry isn’t going to be appearing on dealer forecourts in the near future. But the next time you pull up at a set of lights and there’s a Toyota Camry alongside you, think very carefully before you drop the hammer and risk being left with egg on your face.

If you want to see more, the following Youtube video documents the Sleeper’s comedic unveiling:

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