Acura Reveals Precision Concept in Detroit

The Acura Precision Concept is bold, strong and definitely not boring. But will it be enough to change the luxury brand’s historic image?

Acura, Honda’s luxury vehicle division, unveiled a new concept design at the Detroit Motor Show yesterday, which suggests that the brand is heading in a different direction going forward. And if any brand needed a change of direction when it came to design, it was Acura.

The Precision Concept is bizarrely beautiful and, let’s face it, looks nothing like an Acura! It’s bolder, more distinctive and definitely not boring – something which Acura has been accused of being over the years.

Furthermore, its V-like pointed bonnet, sweeping lines and low, muscular stance are apparently the future of design direction for Acura. That means we can expect to see a similar look shine through in Acura’s cars of tomorrow.

And if you thought the Acura line was nearing the end of its life, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. President and CEO Takahiro Hachigo has got news for you:

“This is a start for the next 30 years of Acura,” he said.

Whether the new design direction is a good thing for the brand or a bad thing is really a matter of personal choice, but at least Acura can’t be accused of being bring still, right?

The change of direction couldn’t come at a more significant time for Acura. In March, the brand will celebrate its 30th anniversary. But that doesn’t mean it’s about to get sidelined anytime soon. Hachigo said that the luxury division is one of the highest priorities for global Honda and will receive heavy investment from the Japanese manufacturer going forward.

To complement the strong, square-off lines on the outside, the Acura Precision Concept features an updated version of the brand’s infotainment system, which boasts a curved screen. It’s said that the car “scans” each occupant and tailors features and functions on a person-by-person basis.

There’s no denying that the newfound boldness and change of design direction was needed, but what impact they will have on the buying public remains to be seen.

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