AMS Performance GT-R Secures Quarter-Mile Record

It’s been like a game of ping-pong watching US-based AMS Performance and Bahrain-based Ekanoo Racing fight to secure the GT-R quarter-mile record. But now it seems we have a new victor. At least for now…

US-based AMS Performance and their R35 GT-R used to be the undisputed kings of the quarter-mile track. That was until Bahrain-based Ekanoo Racing stole their crown back in January. Then, to rub even more salt in AMS’s wounds, Ekanoo Racing broke their own record a few more times; the most recent of which happened just last week.

AMS Performance were left with two options: admit defeat or pick themselves up, dust themselves off and bring the quarter-mile record back to the US. Luckily for us they chose to do the latter.

But before we look at how AMS recaptured their crown, it should be noted that the car in which Ekanoo Racing set their most recent record was a Nissan GT-R with a staggering 2,300-horsepower. This beast of a vehicle clinched the GT-R world record with a time of 7.168 seconds at 209 mph.

Ekanoo Racing probably thought that the record would stay in the Middle East, but AMS Performance had other plans.

Determined to bring the record back to American shores, the AMS Performance crew unveiled a GT-R with a rumoured 2,500-horsepower under the bonnet.

The Diamonds By Wire Alpha Performance Alpha-G GT-R, as it’s known, was piloted by Gidi Chamdi, who achieved a near perfect launch and shifted through the gears flawlessly on his recent record-breaking run.

But Chamdi wasn’t even sure if he’d done enough. When he returned to the pits he told his team that the run felt slow and asked for the official time. He was beside himself when he learned that he’d just completed a new record run of 7.14 seconds at 212 mph. That’s both quicker and faster than Ekanoo Racing’s record a week earlier.

In true competitive style, though, Ekanoo said their “new setup still has untapped potential”, which means we are almost certainly going to see another challenge in the near future.

You can see AMS Performance’s world record-breaking run below.

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