Carless Honda CEO Waiting for Civic Type-R, he says

He could drive any car in the world – certainly any manufactured by Honda – but the Japanese car giant’s CEO says he is waiting for the firm’s new hot hatch, the Civic Type-R.

When you’re the boss of one of the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers, you wouldn’t expect to be carless. But that’s exactly what Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo is at the moment!

Apparently, he’s waiting to get his hands on his dream car: a Honda Civic Type-R and nothing else will suffice in the meantime. You’d think Honda would have produced one in Japan especially for him, but instead it seems that Hachigo will have to wait in line like everyone else.

Hopefully, he won’t have to wait too long. The first Civic Type-Rs are now rolling off Honda’s UK production line, after all.

Hachigo could have pretty much any car he wanted, so why wait for the Civic Type-R and be without a vehicle in the meantime?

“There is a model I want, which will, as I have told you, be launched this autumn,” Hachigo told journalists at a roundtable discussion in Tokyo earlier this month. “I will wait,” he added.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a car now,” he said. “But I want to buy the Civic Type R.”

The fact that even Honda’s CEO is holding out for a new Civic Type-R should fill performance enthusiasts with excitement and relief. The future of Honda’s performance models, at least while he’s at the helm, will definitely be more certain.

Of course, the new NSX and Civic Type-R were both conceived under the watch of Hachigo’s predecessor, Takanobu Ito, but it seems Hachigo too has high-octane blood pumping through his veins; so we needn’t be worried about Honda’s performance offerings diminishing in the future.

He’s not totally without transport, though. “Since I miss driving at the moment, I bought a small motorbike, a VTR 250,” he said of his 250-cc two-wheel runabout. “I keep the VTR 250 at my apartment and ride it every now and then.”

We’re pretty confident that when the Civic Type-R is released in Japan, Hachigo won’t be queuing at a dealership to get his hands on one.

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