Collector Demand now Fuelling Insurgence of Japanese Classics

you-only-live-twice-toyota-gt2000James Bond drove one in You Only Live Twice and so the Toyota 2000GT was always destined to become a classic hero car. But why have Japanese cars experienced such a renaissance period recently? Let JDMRacing explain…

Okay, let’s start by highlighting that whilst Japanese classic cars are becoming more and more popular nowadays, they’re still not in quite the same league as other high performance classics.
For example, Ferrari Testarossas have sold for upwards of $16 million and last year, $27 million was the price paid by a collector for a 1967 Ferrari 275 N.A.R.T Spider.

That said, Japanese cars are definitely coming into their own when it comes to the collector scene for a variety of reasons. In fact, a pristine 1967 Toyota 2000GT sold for a cool $1.2 million in May 2013 at auction. Likewise, a 1968 model sold last month for an equally impressive $1 million+ price tag.

But why are cars like the Toyota 2000GT now enjoying the attention that more traditional models used to? The simple answer is because the generation that they appealed to the first time around have now grown up and want to purchase something that reminds them of their youth.

Furthermore, owning a Japanese classic car is significantly cheaper than purchasing a similarly aged equivalent. However, nowadays, cars like the 2000GT or Nissan Skyline exude as much iconic value as legends like the Shelby Mustang or Porsche Speedster.

It’s no wonder then that Japanese car fanatics Koji and Terry Yamaguchi have seen the demand for Japanese classics explode and actively encourage it with their Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, California – the 10th annual occurrence of which is to be held in September this year.


It was inevitable that Japanese cars, which many individuals began their driving careers in, would become sought after vehicles. After all, anything that reminds us of our youth and allows us to reminisce, even for just a short while, is going to stir up our nostalgic sides.

So, the next time you decide to part ways with a Japanese icon, do your homework first. It may turn out to be a whole lot more valuable than you could ever have imagined.

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