Diabolical tactics employed by Miata driver at MX-5 cup race

Racing is all about gaining a competitive edge. But what happened in this MX-5 Cup race at Silverstone will have you either hopping mad or quietly clapping in admiration.

In the world of racing, gaining a competitive edge over your competitors is crucial. After all, when you’re all driving the same make/model of car and the only difference is the fine tuning, you have to use every advantage you can get to stay ahead.

However, while most drivers use more traditional and legitimate methods to increase their chances of winning, like hitting the sweetest line through a corner or breaking at the last minute, others – like the guy in the video below – employ sneaky and, some might say, downright dirty tactics.

If the Youtube description is correct, this video is on-board footage from the car of James Rogers in a recent Mazda MX-5 Cup race at Silverstone in the UK. Rogers, judging by the video, is obviously a very talented driver. He starts out in fifth place on the grid and gets a fantastic start. He takes third place on the very first corner and his intentions to win the race are made very clear.

With his sights firmly set on first position, Rogers starts to hunt down the front two – who are in the midst of a great battle already. Then, just when it seems like he’s going to move into second place, one of his competitors pulls off a subtle, yet devious move that sees Rogers give the thumbs up.

Is the thumbs up a sarcastic gesture acknowledging his rival’s sneaky tactic or is it a genuine show of thanks for making his car that little bit smaller?

Judge for yourselves…

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