Don’t like your new hybrid Toyota? No problem! Just swap it…

Toyota Ireland is making hybrid car purchases a lot more attractive by offering buyers the chance to swap the hybrid vehicle they’ve bought for an equivalent diesel or petrol model if they don’t like it.

Toyota Ireland has come up with an ingenious way of encouraging buyers to opt for a hybrid vehicle. To push its hybrid range and potentially steal customers who are disgruntled with diesels, Toyota Ireland has devised a way for people to purchase a part-electric car with the added bonus of being able to change their minds if they’re not happy.

The Toyota Hybrid Challenge, as it’s known, is inviting buyers in Ireland to order a Yaris, Auris, RAV4 or Prius hybrid before the 31st of July this year. Should they find they’re not happy with the car they’ve bought, Toyota Ireland will allow them to change it, within the first six months of ownership, for a regular petrol or diesel version absolutely free.

To qualify, interested buyers must take a free 24-hour test drive (yes, that’s one whole day) in the hybrid vehicle of their choice and then purchase one before the end of July.

Speaking about the Toyota Hybrid Challenge announcement, Toyota Ireland’s Marketing Director, Michael Gaynor, gave some reasoning behind the decision to offer customers a trouble-free exchange:

“With the Hybrid Challenge, we are providing the easiest, most risk free way for Irish drivers to explore a better way of driving, and are so confident that once people experience driving a Toyota hybrid they will love the smoother, quieter, more stress free drive and won’t want to ever switch back,” he said.

Toyota Ireland has obviously got a lot of faith in its hybrids, and fuel consumption seems to be a major attraction for many buyers. The new Prius, for example, boasts a 94mpg combined economy figure, while the Yaris hybrid is around the 70g/km mark.

There’s also the lower maintenance costs often associated with hybrids. The fact that they don’t have a clutch, and have less wear and tear on tyres and brake discs, makes them cheap vehicles to maintain.

Would a risk-free offer to swap a hybrid vehicle if you didn’t like it sway you to buy one if such a scheme existed in your home country? We’d love to hear your thoughts…

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