GT86 Taken to Another Level By Cosworth

Cosworth have tuned the Toyota GT86 to produce up to 285-horsepower, but it comes at a cost. Is it worth the significant outlay?

The Toyota GT86 is revered by many car enthusiasts. As coupés go, the 86 is light, uncomplicated and offers a lot of bang for your buck.

However, since its launch, the GT86 has lacked something. An inner potential that has never quite come to the surface, which has led many to say that it doesn’t have enough torque.

Not anymore…

Thanks to the good folks at Cosworth, the GT86 now has an aftermarket performance fix, which gives it a significant horsepower boost whilst retaining its old-school, turbo-free ethos.

Hang on, no turbo?

That’s right! Cosworth have achieved a massive power boost using a supercharger, high-flow air filter and intake, race-spec ECU and an uprated exhaust system. The end result is a Toyota GT86 with 285-horsepower and 230lb ft of torque.

But it comes at a fair price – £9,276 inc. VAT to be exact (around 19,850 AUD).

According to Top Gear, the best part of the Cosworth transformation is that the 86’s “character hasn’t changed” and you “still need to be greedy with the revs to find every last horsepower”. Compared to the standard 86, this one “happens to rip through its gears so much more raucously”.

A common bugbear for GT86 owners has also been the eco-friendly tyres it comes equipped with as standard. And with that extra torque, these will be even more questionable, so an upgrade is definitely in order – 18-inch lightweight alloys are the order of the day here.

Although Cosworth haven’t released any official performance figures, 0-60mph apparently takes around five seconds, which is about 2.6 seconds quicker than standard.

The Cosworth cooling system can reportedly take up to 400-horsepower, so we could see an even more powerful 86 emerge in the future; especially if physical engine components are changed.

Read the full Top Gear review here.

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