Guinness World Record Drift Set In A Toyota GT86

If there was a show called ‘So You Think You Can Drift’ then German driver Harald Müller would win it hands down. In fact Harald Müller has just smashed the Guinness World Record for longest drift but just how far did he drift?

On the 15th of July 2014 Harald managed to drift around the 235.5m circular course for about 2 hours and 25 minutes in his 2012 Toyota GT86. That equated to 144.126km of drifting!

The previous record was 82.523km set in May 2013 by Johan Schwartz driving a BMW M5.

To be fair, there are times throughout the record where the GT86 regains traction and does a 180 spin to switch direction and begin to drift the track in the other direction. Some people are saying that the record shouldn’t count as he regains traction and therefore ‘restarts’ the drift but in all honestly we don’t know whether to not the previous BMW M5 record holder also did the same thing.

Comment below and tell us below what you think, should the record exist regardless of regaining traction?

The video below covers a few minutes of the record breaking GT86 drift.

Image credit goes to Guinness World Records

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