Honda Civic Si torque figure leaked online

Honda Civic Si torque figure leaked online

The Internet is in a frenzy after a leaked torque figure reveals the Honda Civic Si may not be as powerful as people had hoped… 

The current (new) generation Civic has been well received by people who have driven it because of its drivability and practicality. For the first time ever, it boasts a turbocharged engine, capable of 177 lb. ft. torque in the Sport mode.

This same engine will also feature in the Civic Si, but will provide drivers with 192 lb. ft. of torque in performance guise, according to a recent leak on the CivicX forums – a modest increase when you consider the all-new Civic Type-R has 295 lb. ft. of torque!

It begs the question: why has Honda left such a big gap between the Civic Si and Type-R? Could another Civic iteration be squeezed in there to fill it?

Actually, when you analyse it, the Civic Si is going to be significantly lacking in the torque department compared to its nearest rivals.

For example, the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Ford Focus ST – two cars that the Civic Si often finds itself compared to and which both feature modest-sized turbo engines – produce 258 lb. ft. and 270 lb. ft. respectively.

Nevertheless, the new Civic Si does still improve over its predecessor in the torque stakes, which produced 174 lb. ft.

Who knows, maybe Honda has a plan up its sleeve to level the playing field with price. We could well see the Civic Si enter the US market with a price tag of less than $25,000 US ($32,799 AUD). That would make it cheaper than both the Golf GTI and the Focus ST. There’s also the possibility that Honda is going to surprise us when it comes to horsepower, with rumours online talking about a figure that’s in the low 200s.

Unfortunately, all we’ve got to go on right now is the forum leak and a load of speculation. We’ll have to wait and see what performance figures the Si boasts when Honda officially releases them – and we’ll be sure to inform you when they do.

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