Honda NSX could disappoint if too popular

Honda’s NSX supercar is just around the corner, but Australian buyers may be disappointed if high demand leads to a supply shortage.

Honda has had a tough ride recently, but that hasn’t detracted from everything it’s got in the pipeline at present. The all-new Civic is on-target for a 2016 unveiling; followed by the NSX in October; and the Civic hatch and Type-R set for 2017.

But while the Civic is going to garner a lot of attention, it’s the NSX that’s likely to be the real showstopper. With its mid-mounted turbo V6 hybrid powertrain – which can do 0-62mph in less than three seconds – the NSX marks a return to what Honda has gained a reputation for: innovating.

Despite carrying an expected price tag of $350,000, the NSX seems to in demand in Australia, with one dealer in Brisbane having already secured a few pre-orders.

However, Honda has cautioned that the pricing for the NSX hasn’t been confirmed yet, so any pre-orders are really only tentative at this point. Rumours place the NSX in the mid- to low-$300,000 bracket. Apparently, everything depends on the exchange rate, and the strong US dollar isn’t helping.

The NSX will be built in Marysville Ohio by a team of just 100 people, and will reportedly make its action debut at next month’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK.

Its blistering track performance will be demonstrated by no less than McLaren-Honda Formula One driver and Goodwood regular Jenson Button.

But Australian buyers could be disappointed if demand outstrips supply, which is quite likely as the NSX is already proving very popular in the US, and that’s even before it goes on sale in Japan where demand for it will be undoubtedly high.

The situation was underlined by the director of Honda Australia, Stephen Collins, who said: “I think it’ll be pretty limited — very limited. It’s going very well in the USA, and Japan hasn’t started pre-sales yet.”

Let’s hope there are enough left for Aussie shores…

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