Honda NSX Teased Ahead of World Debut

With its official debut at the Detroit Motor Show literally just weeks away, Honda’s all-new NSX supercar has been teased in a new video, which leaves a lot to the imagination.

At the start of this month, we reported how the new Honda NSX is already sold-out in the UK, despite its official public debut not yet having occurred.

Now, Honda America have released a teaser video which gives us a slightly better idea of what to expect. Once you’ve seen the short 30-second clip, you’ll understand why we said ‘slightly’.

Obviously, Honda don’t want to give too much away, which is why the video is less than revealing, but it will be exciting viewing for Honda fans who have been waiting in anticipation for the new NSX since it was announced back in 2012.

Honda say that the new NSX will be propelled by a three-motor, twin-turbocharged hybrid powertrain and the engine sounds you can hear in the teaser video are apparently genuine.

Honda’s executive vice president in America, John Mendel, told reporters in Detroit last week: “The next generation NSX is going to deliver extreme supercar performance for the street and for the track.”

He also remarked that the car was a thrill to drive and put a smile on your face.

The price of the new NSX is still unknown but when quizzed if it will represent a six-figure investment, Mendel said “probably”.

Some purists are sceptical about the car’s release as it has been developed in the U.S. and not Japan – like the first-gen NSX.

Honda’s all-new NSX is set to receive its official public debut on January 12 at the Detroit Motor Show, but in the meantime Honda fans can carefully study the teaser video below and speculate about what we can expect the NSX to be like in the flesh.

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