Honda NSX to spawn new family of supercars

Honda says that its new NSX is a platform which will be used to produce a range of other vehicles, including a potential Type-R variant.

We recently revealed how Australian buyers can expect to pay up to $400k for a new NSX. But it seems that Honda views the NSX as a “platform” rather than just a single model, which means that we can expect a host of different versions to be spawned from it over the course of the supercar’s life.

Speaking to British-based car magazine Autocar, NSX project boss Ted Klaus said that the firm had plans for lightweight, non-hybrid, roadster, all-electric versions and even one that’ll sport the Type-R badge. The reason behind the decision to utilise the platform across a range of vehicles is because the size of Honda’s investment in the NSX means that recouping it in a single model would be all but impossible.

Klaus went on to say that each NSX spin-off would help Honda “experiment” with new technologies, adding: “It’s a special car, with new technology, developing technology, that we can be leaders in and help us understand where the brand is going”.

Perhaps the biggest revelation hinted at by Klaus is for a stripped back, non-hybrid model, which would satisfy a growing appetite within Honda for a “more pure, simplified version”.

Honda recently entered an all-electric NSX in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which, according to Klaus, provided an engineering testbed for torque vectoring and battery capability – two obstacles standing between the concept and production.

Apparently, there’s “nothing in the way” of one variant being non-electrified, which has fuelled speculation about a petrol-powered NSX, with a lightweight body and a Type-R badge. Now that would be something to behold!

UK Honda fans will witness the arrival of the NSX this autumn, which will initially be loaded with a twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 and three electric motors, all of which produce a total output of 573bhp.

In Australia, it’s still not known when the new NSX will arrive, but we do know that just five dealers will be authorised to sell Honda’s fastest ever production car: Scotts Honda (NSW); Yarra Honda (VIC); Nordic Honda (SA); Austral Honda (QLD); and Burswood Honda (WA).

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