Honda Project 2&4 Concept: 200+ HP, 400KG

Honda’s Project 2&4 concept is absolutely awesome, but with few safety features, it’s unlikely to ever see production, unfortunately.

Ahead of its planned release at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda has taken the wraps off its radical Project 2&4 concept and the single-seater is a glorious piece of engineering.

A collaborative effort between Honda’s motorcycle and automobile arms, the Project 2&4 concept is an attempt to combine the open-riding feeling you get on a motorbike with the manoeuvrability afforded by a car.

All non-essential elements have been removed and the car’s body design and mid-mounted engine pay homage to Honda’s 1965 RA272 Formula One winning vehicle – the first Japanese car to win a grand prix. The resulting ride looks scary as hell, but absolutely thrilling nonetheless.

Tipping the scales at just 405KG, the Project 2&4 concept is able to utilise Honda’s RC213V Moto GP engine usually found on the brand’s competition motorcycles. Despite boasting an engine that’s just 999cc, the V4 four stroke lump produces 210-horsepower at 13,000rpm.

While we still don’t know much about its performance specs, the Project 2&4 concept has apparently been engineered to be highly responsive with its low centre of gravity, standing just one metre tall.

The floating seat suspended just above the road adds to the exhilarating experience and is supposed to provide a motorcycle-esque feeling.

Moreover, the head-up display that’s hovering in front of the driver adds to the minimalistic feel of the whole car and undoubtedly makes the pilot feel as though he or she is flying a plane, rather than driving a car that looks like a go-kart.

Unfortunately, the Project 2&4 concept is definitely lacking in terms of safety, so we’re unlikely to see it ever be made available to order, but that doesn’t detract from its awesomeness.


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