Honda Project 2&4 Could Become a Reality After All

Honda Project 2&4 Could Become a Reality After All

New patent breathes fresh life into exciting Project 2&4 Concept unveiled by Honda in 2015. 

Back in September 2015, we reported on Honda’s Project 2&4 Concept. At the time, we referred to it as “absolutely awesome,” but also said it was, unfortunately, “unlikely to ever see production” because it lacked safety features.

But now a new filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a mid-engine sports car similar to the Project 2&4 concept has got the automotive news world buzzing.

The patent filing by Honda highlights that the Japanese auto giant has invested time and money evolving and re-engineering the ultralight sportscar, which was first revealed at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show.

Honda’s Project 2&4 Concept seeks to blend the best elements of a motorcycle and a car. Tipping the scales at just 405KG and featuring a 999cc, V4 four-stroke engine from Honda’s RC213V MotoGP racer, it is capable of producing 210-horsepower at 13,000rpm.

The recently-filed patent documents depict an open-air sportscar with a cast-aluminium backbone chassis, to which everything on the car is connected. It’s described as being very light to improve fuel efficiency, as well as stiff to “give the occupant a direct feel of acceleration like an automobile.” It’s also, according to Honda, quick to produce because it is manufactured using aluminium die casting – a factor that also helps to reduce costs.

Unlike the concept vehicle that was unveiled in Frankfurt, the patent filing shows the location of the small motorcycle engine has been moved toward the rear to sit mid-ship behind the drive and new passenger seat. On the concept, it was mid-mounted alongside the driver.

The patent drawings show a car with two seats, while the original Project 2&4 Concept only had one. However, the patent says the passenger seat can be removed to reduce weight and improve fuel economy. If that’s not enough, Honda is considering removing a rear wheel to create a trike.

Here are the patent diagrams if you’re interested:

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