Honda reveals Sport Vision Gran Turismo

Honda reveals Sport Vision Gran Turismo

It’s a lightweight mid-engined RWD sports car that has all the hallmarks of a baby NSX, but, unfortunately, it’s only for the virtual world. Or is it…

Honda has revealed its Sport Vision Gran Turismo, a car that appears to be heavily influenced by the Japanese giant’s second-generation NSX supercar.

As we reported last month, the ‘Baby NSX‘ – as it’s being heralded – will be available for players to drive in the new Gran Turismo Sport video game. There is no currently no talk of a real-life version coming to fruition at present.

The Sport Vision Gran Turismo is seriously light thanks to the extensive use of carbon-fibre and tips the scales at just 899kg. Power comes from a mid-mounted four-cylinder turbo DOHC-VTEC engine that produces 301kW, which is mated to an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

While no acceleration times have been quoted by Honda, the combination of lightweight chassis and punchy engine should make the Sport Vision GT a considerable quick car.

An interesting omission is the apparent lack of hybrid or electric hardware. Given the NSX’s hybrid nature, this seems like an odd decision.

Despite the fact it’s not a “real” car, the Sport Vision GT has been developed as if it was. Honda even went as far as to create a life-size model and subjected it to wind tunnel testing. The result is a car whose body, cabin, underbody and engine bay have all been optimised purely for lightning laps, albeit in the virtual world. That’s unless

Honda has plans to put the Sport Vision GT into production, of course.

If a smaller, more affordable sports car did become available in the future, Honda Australia would certainly be interesting in making it available Down Under. Speaking at the local Civic Type-R launch, Stephen Collins, director of Honda Australia, said the company is looking at ways to make its range sportier.

“We’ve said it a number of times: we really want to dial up the sportiness of our range and our brand,” he said. “NSX is one part of that, Type R is another. But if anything else becomes available, we’d really be chasing that pretty hard.”

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