Honda’s all-new Civic Type-R will be faster, but less furious

Toned down looks that will appeal to a more mainstream audience, but a lot more power under the bonnet? It can only be Honda’s all-new Civic Type-R…


The all-new Honda Civic Type-R is set to get its official debut at the Paris Motor Show later this year, and according to British car magazine Auto Express, we can expect it to be more powerful and even faster than ever before.

Despite the current model only being released last year, Honda will unveil the next Type-R in France this October, with a production version expected to hit showrooms (in the UK) next September.

Perhaps the biggest area of focus for Honda has been the new Civic’s styling. Traditionally, Type-Rs have had an extreme look, with aggressive features that appeal massively to hot hatch enthusiasts. However, Honda has taken the decision to tone things down a little to appeal to a wider, more mainstream audience.

For example, the current iteration’s aggressive bodykit will be replaced with a much more subtle version and the massive roof-mounted wing will give way to significantly more discreet spoiler. It’s rumoured that an additional aero package might be available as an option. Many of the Civic’s trademark design characteristics, including the red bumper detailing; flared wheelarches; and over-sized air intakes, will remain.


On the inside, the Type-R’s cockpit will still feel very sporty, but Honda has decided to use more luxury materials to give the car a definitively upscale feel.

Most exciting of all, though, is the fact that the all-new Civic Type-R is expected to come with considerably more grunt, thanks to a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, which has been tuned to develop 340-horsepower. For comparison, the current model generates around 306-horsepower.

Surprisingly, even with all that extra power, the new Civic Type-R is not going to be rear-wheel-drive. Honda is believed to be sticking with the front-wheel-drive six-speed manual gearbox configuration, setting the scene for it to become the world’s most powerful front-drive hot hatch.

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