Honda’s New IndyCar Aerokit is, Quite Frankly, Awesome

Honda have just revealed their new aero kit for the IndyCar Series this year and, let’s be honest, it looks insanely awesome!

Unlike Formula One, where manufacturers have a lot of control and can build their own chassis, the IndyCar Series is a bit stricter. However, the sport is entering a new era, which will see manufacturers given more freedom to create race-winning machines.

This season, IndyCar automakers will be able to provide their customers with not just engines – like they always have in the past – but also with complete aerodynamic packages. Following the release of Chevy’s aero kit last month, Honda have now shown their own off to the world.

The new Honda aero kit is designed specifically for road-racing and those smaller oval tracks you often associate with IndyCar. Its job is to combat the huge amounts of downforce experienced on such tracks – something that hinders the high-speeds usually achieved on superspeedway tracks.

Honda’s lower-drag package is likely to be officially revealed before the start of the Indy 500 – the first speedway race of the IndyCar Series in May.

It’s thought that Honda’s new IndyCar aerokit design is the result of the Japanese auto giant borrowing much of the technology and experience it garnered when it was developing its Le Mans prototypes. As with many of these intricate design processes, the IndyCar aero kit started out life as a computer-generated drawing before it was put to the test in real-life simulators, wind tunnels and on the track.


The aerokits will be fitted to the current Dallara chassis and propelled by Honda’s V6 engine. Individual IndyCar teams will have the ability to pick and choose which bits of the Honda kit they want to take advantage of every race.

At present there are just two automakers involved in the IndyCar Series – Honda and Chevy – but with the more lenient regulations coming into force, series organisers will be hoping for more manufacturers to get involved. The last time there were more than two participating automakers was back in 2005, before Toyota pulled out.

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