Intelligent talking cars by 2020, says Toyota

Intelligent talking cars by 2020, says Toyota

Self-driving electric vehicles that use advanced AI technology to monitor the driver’s emotions and take over driving duties as necessary could be a thing within the next three years, according to Toyota.


By 2020, Toyota will start testing self-driving electric vehicles that incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems which can actively talk and engage with drivers/riders.

The Japanese car maker first revealed their idea for intelligent talking cars back at the start of the year at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, when they debuted their Concept-i (shown above).

Concept-i has an AI system, known as “Yui”, at its heart, which can monitor the driver’s driving patterns, attentiveness, schedule, and more.

“By using AI technology, we want to expand and enhance the driving experience, making cars an object of affection again,” commented Makoto Okabe, the general manager of Toyota’s EV business planning division.

“Facing competition from rival automakers and tech companies to produce self-driving, intelligent cars, Toyota has committed $1 billion through 2020 to develop advanced automated driving and AI technology,” Reuters reports.

Using deep learning technology, the Concept-i will be able to assess the driver’s emotions and alertness. If it detects that the driver is becoming tired and/or his/her reaction times have decreased, it will take over some of the driving responsibility when necessary.

Toyota’s success in the self-driving and AI car world will all depend on how effectively it can compete not only with other car manufacturers, but also tech companies.

We’ll know more about Toyota’s self-driving and AI vehicle ambitions when it reveals a few more concepts this week at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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