Introducing the 2015 Toyota GT86 14R-60

Toyota have taken a standard 86 and dragged it through their TRD warehouse. The result is the GT86 14R-60 but is it worth the hefty pricetag? Let’s find out…

Inspired by the Toyota GT86 TRD Griffon Project, the 14R-60 features more TRD parts than you can shake a stick at. However, it still maintains the same naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre boxer engine as the stock 86. So if it’s business as usual under the bonnet, you’re probably wondering what makes the 14R-60 so special?

Well, even though the engine is the same, the drivetrain hasn’t been left completely untouched. There’s a new air filter, reinforced clutch, lightweight flywheel, new engine oil cooler and a flashy mechanical limited-slip differential from TRD. The six-speed transmission has also been tweaked and features an altered final drive ratio and different gearing in the lower gears.

Two V-shaped braces – one across the front and one across the rear – firm things up and the overall handling has been made more agile with the introduction of new suspension coilovers. And, just for good measure, the brakes have been overhauled for extra peace of mind.

Aesthetically, the 14-R 60 has had a complete makeover and looks awesome! There’s an enormous rear spoiler, menacing front spoiler, 18-inch magnesium wheels, carbon-fibre roof and, of course, a complete bodykit.


Inside, the 14R-60 boasts some branded TRD bucket seats that have Alcantara trim; a steering wheel that has also undergone the Alcantara treatment; as well as a host of other carbon-fibre goodies. Just don’t expect to go anywhere with family or friends because the rear seats are gone.

However, even with all these added extras, the 14R-60 reportedly weighs in lighter than its stock predecessor. You can view more pictures and brush up on your Japanese by visiting the JDM website. There are even pictures of some of the parts that the 14R-60 comes with!

So what does this all cost? A small fortune unfortunately judging by what Toyota Japan are asking for the GT86 14R-60. The limited run of 100 cars will sell for 6.3 million yen, which is more than double the cost of a GT86 Limited!

Do you think the 14R-60 justifies its whopping price tag? Let us know below…

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