James Bond stuntman races Subaru WRX STI down Olympic bobsled run [video]

James Bond stuntman races Subaru WRX STI down Olympic bobsled run [video]

When a seasoned stuntman and ex-British Rally champion says something’s got a “50/50” chance of working, you know you’re in for a treat. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a stuntman – whose previous work includes standing in for Daniel Craig in the James Bond movies – drove a Subaru WRX STI down an Olympic bobsled run? Well wonder no more because it has happened and the video’s well worth a watch if you like Subarus, snow, stuntmen and silliness.

The actual event wasn’t supposed to be that death-defying. In fact, Subaru’s original intention was to have journalists accompany professional rally and stunt driver Mark Higgins as he made several runs down the icy slope in the Swiss Alps. However, as you’ll see from the video, Higgins made the run down and back up alone.

Higgins isn’t just any old stuntman though. He’s also a former three-time British Rally champion and the four-wheeled record holder at the famed Isle of Man Snaefell Mountain Course. So if anyone was qualified to attempt such hoonery, it’s Higgins.

But even with his impressive resume, when asked how confident he was ahead of the feat, Higgins said “50/50”.

The modified WRX STI being used on the St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic Bobrun – also known as the birthplace of bobsledding – is no stranger to Higgins or fast encounters.

It’s the same 2015 WRX STI that Higgins previously set a lap record in at the Isle of Man. A record that no longer stands though since Higgins outdid himself last year in a specially prepared 550-horsepower WRX STI Time Attack car.

Nevertheless, to say the bobsledding Subaru still holds the second-fastest lap at Snaefell is no mean feat.

Before the bobsledding attempt to could happen, the WRX STI needed to be shipped from its museum home in New Jersey across the Atlantic so that a number of modifications could be made. These included a full safety cage; super stiff shocks and springs; tyres with 400 individual tungsten lugs apiece; and large nylon bumpers to prevent too much damage to the gorgeous car.

Here’s how Higgins’s run went down:

Update: 27/03/2017 – A behind the scenes video has now been released detailing the making of the above bobsled video. Enjoy…

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