Make way for the 2015 ESX STI Red Dragon

With 305-horsepower, the Subaru WRX STI has enough power for most people. But if you’re not ‘most people’ then what’s the alternative? Enter the dragon – the 2015 ESX STI ‘Red Dragon’…

JDM Racing exists because we know that people love to tune and tweak their cars in an attempt to squeeze a few more ponies out of them. Ali Afshar, driver and president of ESX Motorsports, knows the same and he has made it his mission to give people a new-generation WRX STI; one that has breath-taking style and heart pounding power. Oh, did we mention that this is the 10th anniversary special edition?

Based in Southern California, ESX Motorsports have been supported by Subaru of America since 2001. They basically take a production WRX STI and tune the crap out of it. The result is a more powerful, higher performing car which boasts all the safety and reliability of the factory model.

In California, performance and image rule everything and the ‘Red Dragon’ has been built with this in mind and will even come in two additional horsepower specs for 2015.

The first is a ‘street model’ that puts out approximately 355-horsepower. The second is a ‘track model’ that comes with approximately 425-horsepower and won’t strictly be road legal – hence the off-road use only advisory. Furthermore, every one of the 25 units will be handcrafted, numbered and signed.


Outside, each ESX STI will be red with white accents and feature Red Dragon livery. They’ll also sport a carbon-fibre front spoiler, custom ESX rims, ESX valve stem caps and ESX lug nuts.

Inside, the red and white exterior is complemented by a red and black, race-inspired interior which includes an ESX boost gauge, anodised ESX gear knob and 4-point ESX harnesses.

However, the ESX STI will only be available in the U.S. at select dealers and the limited run will mean that many people will miss out. So if you manage to secure one then you’ll have legitimate bragging rights for some time. If not, here’s a consolation teaser video instead:

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