Mazda to reintroduce turbocharged 6

Mazda to reintroduce turbocharged 6

Mazda to unveil refreshed Mazda 6 in LA. Turbocharged option will also be available. 

A refreshed Mazda 6 has been semi-revealed in a set of teaser images released by the Japanese car manufacturer ahead of the car’s official global debut at the LA Motor Show next week. A new turbocharged petrol flagship for the range will also join the updated Mazda 6 in LA.

The styling updates bring the Mazda 6 further in-line with the firm’s other new offerings such as the new CX-9 and CX-5 SUVs. A lot of work has also been done on the interior to afford a more premium experience, while new exterior lines have been created to revamp the 6’s look.

For example, Japanese Sen wood, often used during furniture making, has been incorporated to boost the overall premium feel of the Mazda 6.

The 2018 model will be available with an updated version of the current car’s 2.5-litre engine, as well as the turbocharged 2.5-litre four-cylinder block currently available in the Mazda CX-9 family SUV.

Mazda hasn’t turbocharged its mid-size sedan since the 2.3-litre four-cylinder turbocharged Mazda6 MPS was launched more than a decade ago.

While the Japanese car maker has not released full specifications for the car, it says the turbo variation offers “torque on par with a 4.0-litre V8”, affording the sedan “effortless performance”.

The same unit produces 170kW of power and 420Nm of torque in the CX-9, so should make for reasonable performance in the new 6. In fact, it’s similar to the older turbo’s 190kW and 380Nm of power, but less free revving.

It is not yet known if the new turbo sedan will continue to deliver power to the front-wheels or implement an all-wheel drive layout like the manual-only MPS.

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