McLaren-Honda Stint will be Alonso’s Last Drive

Fernando Alonso has sensationally revealed that his Formula One career will end at McLaren-Honda. Exactly when that will be is still unknown, but the Spanish driver will not drive for anyone else again.

He’s driven for some of the best teams in Formula One, but now it appears that Fernando Alonso’s current drive at McLaren-Honda will be his last. And, given how he became interested in the sport, we think it’s fitting that that’s how his star-studded career should end.

At the age of three, Fernando Alonso’s father gave him a model of a McLaren-Honda grand prix car. The seemingly innocent gesture may have seemed like nothing at the time, but it started a small fire inside Alonso; one that would see him rise to the top of one of the most popular sports in the world.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the forthcoming Chinese Grand Prix, Alonso indicated that once he’s done at McLaren, he’ll almost certainly retire – instead of switching to another team again.

For the past fourteen years, Alonso has driven for Minardi (where he started out), Renault, McLaren, Renault (again), Ferrari and now McLaren-Honda.

However, he hasn’t had the best start since returning to McLaren. After crashing during a pre-season test, Alonso sat out the first race on the Formula One calendar and then failed to finish at the subsequent Malaysian Grand Prix.

Now in Shanghai, Alonso is hoping that his fortunes will change in this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix.

At 33-years-old, Alonso is no spring chicken, but then there are older drivers on the grid than him. Even though, however, he’s still probably got a few good years left in him, it seems that any other teams wanting to lure him away from McLaren-Honda are going to have their work cut out.

Despite his rocky start to the season, Alonso seems positive: “I’ve been lucky to win championships and to win many grands prix, and now sometimes I feel more happy and more proud of my job and my team doing the things we are doing now than winning a trophy.”

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