Meet the Nissan Leaf that can read your mind

How would you feel driving a car that reads your mind and displays your thoughts to everyone nearby? Freaked out? You should be because that’s exactly what this Nissan Leaf does…

Have you ever thought about what goes through your mind while driving? Perhaps it’s a feeling of contentment because you love the car you’re driving, or maybe you’re annoyed because there’s a lot of traffic and you’re in a hurry.

Whatever you’re thinking, you probably wouldn’t want it displayed publicly to everyone nearby while you’re driving. But that’s exactly what the specially-modified Nissan Leaf in the video at the bottom of this post does.

For the video, Nissan got drivers at a Japanese driving school to wear special headgear which monitors their brainwaves to gauge their emotional state while driving. Apparently, the apparatus works by checking for alpha waves (the ones produced when we’re relaxed or concentrating) and beta waves (the ones produced when we’re tense or excited).

By monitoring these various brainwaves, the system can (supposedly) judge a person’s mood while they’re driving. It then projects one of 33 messages on the road by the side of the car for all to see. The messages themselves aren’t subtle either, using manga-style graphics.

Nissan produced the video to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the all-electric Leaf and while it sounds a little crazy, it’s actually pretty cool. We’re not sure exactly how much “science” is involved, but there are guys wearing white lab coats, so it must be legit, right?

Whether or not the system makes people feel more comfortable driving a 100% electric car or not is anyone’s guess, but there’s no denying that the video is quirky, fun and very, very different.

The aim of the video is obviously to get people talking about the Leaf and boost its street appeal, as well as specifically getting more young people interested in owning an electric car.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. A very cool idea, but we can’t help thinking that it’s a bit too distracting for other motorists.

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