Mysterious GT-R Teaser Video Promises New World Record

Nissan has just teased a mysterious video, featuring a highly-modified GT-R Nismo, which is ‘Breaking New Records’ (apparently). What’s it all about?

At the recent New York Auto Show, Nissan revealed its latest, greatest, more civilised and more powerful Godzilla. But boasting that you make one of the fastest production cars in the world – which doesn’t cost over a million dollars – obviously isn’t enough for Nissan at the moment.

That’s because the Japanese car giant has leaked a teaser video claiming that its GT-R Nismo has set a new world record.

Let’s not forget that the GT-R is no stranger to setting world records. Back in 2013, Nissan took a GT-R Nismo to the infamous Nürburgring in Germany and set a lap record of just 7:08.679 – a time that very few cars could ever hope to beat.

In the latest video, a GT-R Nismo is seen racing down an airport runway, in what looks to be the Middle East, before we see the words “Breaking New Records” and then “Coming Soon”.

The most intriguing part is that the GT-R seen in the video is definitely not standard, and setting a new world record in a vehicle that’s been super modified really isn’t anything to write home about.

Furthermore, Nissan fans are patiently waiting to hear what the performance specs of the next GT-R will be, so releasing a teaser video for the older model Nismo seems a little strange.

Nevertheless, the video has got our attention and we’ll be keeping a close eye on forthcoming Nissan press releases to see what the score is.

Even though the teaser video (which you can watch below) doesn’t give much away, we can see an aggressive looking bodykit, which suggests a lighter and more aerodynamic GT-R.


What do you guys think? Should we be excited or is it just clever Nissan marketing hype?

See for yourselves:

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