New Interactive Honda Video takes you to “The Other Side”

Not content with a fancy video showing off their latest Civic Type-R, Honda have gone and made one that tells two stories simultaneously and you get to interactively choose which one to view.

Which types of people do Honda see driving their new Civic Type-R? Well, if their latest interactive video is anything to go by, the answer is dads who pick their children up from school and getaway drivers.

That’s right! In Honda’s ingenious new Youtube video for the Civic Type-R, the company have really pushed the boat out and let the creative imaginations of their marketing guys go into overdrive. The result is one, no two, no one video that depicts possible scenarios that the new Civic Type-R could find itself in.

Now you’re probably thinking, how can you have two storylines in one video? The answer is by switching between them in real-time using the ‘R’ key on your computer keyboard.

The video campaign has been named “The Other Side” and we assume that that’s trying to insinuate that while the Civic has a clean, sophisticated, family-friendly feel, it can also snarl right out of the blue and has an underlying naughty streak that’s just waiting to get out.

Had Honda made these two videos as separate entities then the campaign would still have worked, just not as effectively. The way they’ve produced these is simply brilliant.

On one hand you’ve got the guy picking his kids up from school and everything seems ‘normal’. Then with a quick press and hold of the ‘R’ key you’re taken to “The Other Side” and get to see the guy’s nighttime getaway driving antics. But before you judge him for his involvement in the looting of a precious artefact, let the video play in its entirety.

We can’t embed the interactive video here but there’s a short teaser below.

For the full experience head over to and watch in awe.

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