New Supra rumours grow as Toyota files European trademark

New evidence shows that Toyota is serious about bringing back the Supra name and has filed a trademark application in Europe to safeguard the legendary name.

It seems that the rumours are true and the Toyota Supra is indeed making a comeback.

Thanks to the diligent folks at, an application to trademark the Supra name in Europe was recently discovered. Dated June 3, 2016, the trademark application was filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, and is the strongest signal yet that Toyota will almost certainly revive the iconic sports car in the not too distant future.


The new Supra is expected to ride on a shared platform developed by Toyota and BMW, with the latter reportedly looking to release a car called the Z5 (a replacement for the Z4) on said platform.

Now you may be wondering why Toyota and BMW joined forces to come up with a shared platform that both can utilise. The bottom line is that even if you are one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers, the expenses associated with the development of a bespoke chassis for a two-seat sports car are difficult to justify.

While it’s pretty safe to say that the new Supra will feature a hybrid powertrain, don’t expect it to have anything else with its Prius cousin. That’s because Toyota has hinted that it will be performance-oriented, and that the hybrid setup is mainly to satisfy the increasingly strict regulations in Europe. A non-hybrid version may be offered in some markets outside of the EU, but no official word has come from Toyota yet.

What is certain, though, is that the new Supra will sit above the 86 in the Toyota pecking order. We might even see a convertible Supra emerge from the joint Toyota-BMW venture, but don’t hold your breath as talks of a drop-top 86 never came to fruition for Toyota because Subaru vetoed the idea.

Let’s just hope that the Supra bears some resemblance to the FT-1 Concept shown at the top of this post. If it does, we could witness the birth of another Toyota icon…

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