New Toyota Supra set for 2018

New information suggests the spiritual successor to the legendary Toyota Supra will arrive in 2018 and will be a hybrid with all-wheel-drive.

Since 2012, Toyota and BMW have been collaborating on producing two new vehicles: the BMW Z5 and a long-awaited successor to the iconic Toyota Supra.

According to Autocar, both firms have now gone their own separate ways in terms of development, and we can expect the Supra to arrive in 2018, shortly after the Z5. BMW has been spotted road testing a convertible Z5 and reports say that the Toyota car is at a similar stage.

The Z5 is a natural successor to the Z4. The Toyota Supra, however, marks the rejuvenation of a coupe that was discontinued back in 2002 and is widely revered across the world.

It’s expected to take inspiration from the awesome-looking FT-1 Concept car that was unveiled in Detroit at the start of 2014 (shown above), and is expected to sit above the GT86 in Toyota’s vehicle line-up.

The rebirth of the Supra name will give Toyota a flagship sports car and with its high-tech construction and complex powertrain, the Japanese firm will be able to justify a significantly higher price tag than the one that hangs from the GT86.

Both the BMW and the Toyota are likely to utilise a hybrid four-wheel-drive set-up, which will incorporate a BMW petrol engine as well as electric motors that use energy stored in supercapacitors.

The German and Japanese engineers are working on a joint platform which can be used for both vehicles. When quizzed about the scalability of such a platform to accommodate the wheelbase difference between a Z5 and a Supra, BMW board member Ian Robertson said: “Gone are the days when one platform was one platform. Most of our platforms are scalable these days.”

At present, no decisions have been made when it comes to actual production, but it is thought that a single factory will be used for both cars. Furthermore, a production facility in the US or Europe is more likely to be used than one in Japan, but everything will depend on potential markets for the cars.

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