Next-Gen Civic Type-R Engine Image Surfaces

Images of the engine that will propel the next-generation Civic Type-R have surfaced online and show that the latest iteration of one of the hottest hatches of all time is going to be the best yet.


What you can see at the top of this post is the engine that will feature in the upcoming new Honda Civic Type-R. If you’ve got a keen eye and know what you’re looking for, you’ll also see that this engine boasts an electronically actuated wastegate and compressor bypass valve.

And while here in Australia we can only admire the Honda Civic Type-R from afar, the next version is set to arrive on American shores sometime in 2017.

However, thanks to the good guys over at, we’ve been gifted a sneak preview of the engine that will propel the new Civic Type-R. And from what we can see, it looks like it’s going to be a real firecracker.

Honda’s latest incarnation of the 2.0-litre inline-four is shaping up to be more powerful and, therefore, faster than the current version. Featuring Honda’s signature VTEC variable valve timing system and a turbocharger, the new engine also boasts an electric actuator on the wastegate, as well as a bypass valve which is integrated into the compressor housing.

When you consider that the current Civic Type-R engine produces 306-horsepower and has been around the famed Nürburgring quicker than any other front-wheel-drive car, the potential of the new engine is truly exciting.

There are rumours that this engine will also feature in the lower-level Civic Si too. For sure it will be in a detuned state (expect about 230-horsepower), but nevertheless it’s still an intriguing prospect; especially as the current outgoing Civic Si packs 205-horsepower.

Sources close to Honda also report that the new engine has almost zero turbo lag, a fact that will have Honda fans clamouring to find out more.

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