Next Nissan GT-R will Definitely be a Hybrid

Speculation is something that’s always rife in the automotive world, but one very big rumour now seems to have been confirmed. The next Nissan GT-R will be a hybrid.

Back in September, Scott announced that Nissan would be taking a hybrid GT-R to the 24-hours Le-Mans next year. This in itself was pretty revolutionary – a car with a hybrid powertrain competing in one of the most iconic races in the world.

However, Nissan have now confirmed that their next GT-R will definitely be a hybrid and that it was an easy decision to make because it’s the “obvious direction” to go in.

The news was effectively confirmed by Nissan’s UK sports car boss, James Oliver, in an interview with the good folks at Top Gear. Oliver said: “There’s been obsessive development of the GT-R over the years, and at some point we will move onto the next generation car. The overall market is looking at different methods of powering cars, and at Nissan we’ve got great expertise and investment of electric.”

But, rather disappointingly, Oliver did not give anything away about performance specs. However, with the current model able to reach 60mph in a blisteringly quick 2.8 seconds, we can only assume that the new R36 breed will strive to improve on that.

Styling wise, we’re still also pretty in the dark, but if the image above of the 2020 Concept is anything to go by then GT-R fans are in for a real treat. Having said that though, can we really expect the finished product to literally look like something straight out of Gran Turismo?

What are your thoughts? Does a hybrid GT-R represent something that’s groundbreakingly innovative and exciting or will introducing electric power detract from the GT-R’s legendary appeal?

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