Next Nissan Z Car Could be a Crossover

Crossover fever is rife in the US and the rest of the world at the moment and that could be why Nissan are considering making their 370Z successor a crossover.

With the current 370Z to be phased out by 2017, Nissan had to make a decision about where to take the famous Z brand and, if reports from British car magazine Autocar are true, we could see its successor taking the form of a small sports crossover.

Furthermore, the world could see just how such a car would look as early as next month, when Nissan are expected to reveal a concept of it at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Purists may not like what they’re reading. After all, a SUV-influenced Z car is not in keeping with the brand’s history. However, Nissan believe that they can tap into a huge new customer base in the US, where crossovers significantly outsell smaller sports cars, and still appease fans of the Z range.

Earlier this summer, Nissan’s chief creative officer, Shiro Nakamura, told Australian media: “I don’t think the 
next one [Z car] is going to be the 390Z. It’s not growing because it’s already big enough. You know, 350 started with 240, 300, 350 and then came 370. I don’t think we should go higher.

“We haven’t yet decided anything about whether next-generation Z should be anything larger or with more power,” he said.

Clearly suggesting the Z brand needed a change of direction, Nakamura added: “We 
need to take another path. I feel Z needs more revolution than evolution. I think 
GT-R has to stay the most high-performance symbol 
of Nissan technology and Z 
is a more affordable sports car or a sporty car to get the younger people.”

The new Z is expected to be similar in size to the Nissan Juke and notably cheaper than the $46,000 (US) 370Z, with the top of its range likely to overlap the bottom of the Qashqai range.

Based on the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s latest CMF B platform, the new Z will include a full range of 1.6-litre turbocharged engines in its line-up.

Let’s wait and see what’s unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month…

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