Nissan 370Z Brake Failure at 154MPH [Video]

On-board footage showing the moment when the brakes in Tim Bell’s Nissan 370Z fail at 154mph – this guy is one very cool customer…

We recently saw what happens when your tyre blows out at 200mph. But what about when your brakes decide to give up on you at 154mph? Well that’s exactly the scenario that Tim Bell found himself in while driving his Nissan 370z at the recent COTA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge race.

The COTA (Circuit of the Americas) has only hosted two years’ worth of racing action so far but this is undoubtedly one of the worst crashes it’s seen during that time.

Despite being back in 10th position on the grid, Bell gets a strong start and manages to bully his way past two of his rivals within just a few corners. He must be feeling confident and relatively optimistic about his chances. However, as you’ll see in the video, disaster strikes at probably the worst point possible – at the end of the high-speed back straight – ultimately meaning that Bell’s 370Z didn’t even get to complete one full lap.

Luckily, the car’s safety features and the circuit’s high-tech barriers prevented this from being a tragic accident. Instead, Bell is able to crawl out of the wrecked Nissan and live to race another day.

He later posted this status on his Facebook page:

“Well that didn’t go as planned…. [Had] a complete brake failure at the end of the back straight entering at a 154mph…. Hit the wall at 136, according to the data… Thank you for everyone’s support and for the quick response of the medical crew…. Sucks that it happened but I’m blessed to walk away!”

As you’ll see, Bell keeps a cool head and minimises the impact by violently going through the gears and putting the car into a sideways slide to reduce speed. In fact, apart from half the dashboard disintegrating, the 370Z looks remarkably intact inside. The same could even be said of the outside of the car, judging by our main image view.

It just goes to show that with modern safety standards and highly-trained drivers, tragedies can be avoided…

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