Nissan 370Z Nismo now available Down Under

Nissan 370Z Nismo now available Down Under

Nissan expects that a third of all 370Z buyers will opt for the range-topping Nismo version.


Last month, we told you how the new Nissan 370Z Nismo would hit Australian showrooms soon with a surprisingly low sub-$62k price tag. Well it’s now gone on sale and the pricing speculation seems to have been correct.

While the top of the range 370Z Nismo will set you back $61,490 for the six-speed manual (before on-road costs) or $63,990 for the seven-speed automatic (before on-road costs), the base model car, the 370Z Coupe manual, can be had for just $49,990 (before on-road costs).

Fans of drop-tops will be slightly disappointed, though, because the 370Z Nismo only comes as a coupe. Nevertheless, the non-Nismo 370Z Roadster can be yours for $60,990 for the manual and $63,490 for the automatic.

According to Nissan Australia managing director Richard Emery, the Nismo versions will account for 30% of 370Z sales Down Under.

So who’s going to be interested in buying said Nismos? Emery says it’s “males 45-65, married, probably with no kids at home, excited by driving. Then males 20-24, Nismo enthusiasts.”

The 370Z base model’s new sub-$50K starting price is less than some of its rear-wheel drive sports coupe competitors, like the popular BMW 2 Series (from $51,300) and sister brand Infiniti’s Q60 (from $62,900).

Meanwhile, the 370Z Nismo is pitched below a number of mid-size German coupes, like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 4 Series and Audi A5, and just $4,000 higher than Ford’s $57,490 5.0-litre V8 Fastback GT Mustang – Australia’s number one selling sports car.

The 370Z Nismo is Nissan Australia’s second only NISMO model (after the GT-R NISMO) and is the most powerful 370Z ever officially sold in Australia, with outputs increasing to 253kW/371Nm thanks to a upgraded ECU and H-shape exhaust system which features 30% lower back-pressure.

A more aggressive body kit, uprated suspension, 19-inch RAYS alloy wheels, larger brakes and a red/black Nismo interior are among the other additions that Nismo buyers can expect to enjoy.

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