Nissan announce lower-priced GT-R Pure for 2018 MY

Nissan announce lower-priced GT-R Pure for 2018 MY

Entry level GT-R announced for 2018 MY in the US, but no word from Nissan on whether we can expect the same in Australia.

Nissan have just announced their 2018 GT-R range for the United States, one of the highlights of which is an entry-level model dubbed the GT-R Pure.

With a price tag of US$99,990 ($130,886), the GT-R Pure is a step in the right direction for Nissan.

Let’s not forget that when it was first introduced in 2007, the R35 GT-R stunned the world with its supercar-killing performance and modest price tag – the 2009 model was just  US$69,850 (AUD$91,433). But, as with all good things, the price slowly started creeping up as its popularity soared. The 2017 model year retailed for US$109,990 (AUD$143976), while the R35 GT-R NISMO came in at an astonishing US$176,585 (AUD$231,149).

Perhaps sensing that their pricing had got a little out of control, Nissan have rolled back the price of the GT-R for the 2018 model year.

Fortunately, while the GT-R Pure does away with a number of luxury items and convenience-boosting aspects, it still retains the performance that Godzilla is best known for.

Compared to the Premium variant, which starts at US$110,490 (AUD$144,631), the Pure misses out on the titanium exhaust, the 11-speaker Bose audio system, active noise cancellation and active sound enhancement system.

On the plus side, each model in the range gets Apple CarPlay and a slight power increase, which brings the core range to 565hp (421kW), while the GT-R Nismo remains unchanged with 600hp (447kW).

The Premium Interior Package also adds a new ‘Kuro Night’ colour interior trim.

At present, there’s been nothing from Nissan Australia regarding the updated MY18 GT-R range Down Under. However, if the proposed American pricing is anything to go by, we can maybe expect the GT-R Pure to come in at around the AUD$170,000 mark (the GT-R range in Australia currently kicks off at $189,000 before on-road costs for the Premium).

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