Nissan Concept 2020 Sees Red for Tokyo Show

Nissan have announced their lineup for this year’s Tokyo Motor Show and among the cars to be featured is the outrageous Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo.

The absolutely beastly-looking red vehicle you see above is Nissan’s Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo; a car designed exclusively for the Vision Gran Turismo festival, which tasked automakers with creating their own renditions of GT cars.

However, Nissan have recently announced that the Concept 2020 GT will make a real-life appearance at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, which will be open to the public from October 30 to November 8.

For over a year, the Concept 2020 Vision GT has been hurtling around virtual race tracks on video game screens all over the world, but Nissan decided that it needed to be turned into a tangible concept car and so that’s what they’ve done.

The 784-horsepower monster will be showcased in Tokyo following a world debut last year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. And the fact that Nissan are so keen to show it off hints that what you could be looking at is a car that will inspire the next-generation Nissan GT-R.


Despite being billed as a futuristic performance car, much of its design features (like nearly all the Vision GT concepts) seem way too radical to ever see production, let alone road use, but that hasn’t deterred Nissan.

A closer look at the Vision 2020 reveals some clear GT-R references, though, including the grille, bonnet vents and four round rear lights.

Despite not being expected for a few years yet, speculation has determined that the new GT-R will be a hybrid, but still maintain its front-engined, two-door coupe layout. Other than that, details are still thin on the ground. However, optimistic reports have stated that it will boast over 700-horsepower when it is finally unleashed on the world.

Until then, Nissan will focus their attention on further refining the current R35 model, which the Japanese giant is confident it can improve. Expect to see more special editions and tweaks being unveiled going forward.

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