Nissan GT-R/C let loose at Silverstone [video]

Nissan GT-R/C let loose at Silverstone [video]

Nissan’s UK arm has built a fully functioning, full-size, remote-controlled version of its iconic GT-R sports car. But why? 

To celebrate the launch of Gran Turismo Sport later this month (October 18), Nissan has built a remote-controlled version of its legendary GT-R sports car. Known as the GT-R/C, the full-size car is driven by four robots, which are in turn controlled by a Playstation Dual Shock 4 controller.

For the car’s maiden outing, said Dual Shock controller was in the hands of Nismo driver Jann Mardenborough (a GT Academy winner), who steered the vehicle around Silverstone race track in the UK from the comfort of a  R44 Raven II helicopter.

While the four in-car robots physically operated the steering, gears, brakes and throttle, six computers hidden in the boot provided feedback to them at up to 100 times a second.

Amazingly, the Dual Shock controller used by Mardenborough was totally standard. However, it was connected to a special computer that interpreted its commands and fed them to the car in a language it could understand. This setup allowed Mardenborough to control the GT-R/C from up to 1-kilometre away.

To ensure a transmission error didn’t see the GT-R/C turn into a very expensive out of control missile, additional safety systems were installed that allowed it its engine to be cut or brakes applied in an emergency.

Apart from its unique control system, the GT-R/C is actually an unmodified 2011-spec GT-R. That means Mardenborough had over 400kW of power in his hands, virtually.

On Mardenborough’s fastest lap (1:17:47), the GT-R/C averaged 76mph (122km/h) and reached a top speed of 131mph (211km/h).

Having done its bit to help promote the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport video game, the GT-R/C will now go on a tour of schools across the UK for educational purposes, encouraging kids to consider careers in Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths.

Check out the GT-R/C video from Nissan UK below:

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