Nissan GT-R VS Michelle Jenneke

Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke recently went head-to-head against a Nissan GT-R at the Top Gear Festival in Sydney. Now is your chance to find out the answer to one of the motoring industry’s most asked questions…

It’s a question that has plagued generations of motoring enthusiasts: which is faster, a Nissan GT-R or a woman? In fact, this very quandary is pondered on an almost daily basis here at JDMRacing and we’d got to the point where we thought we’d never know the answer.

Luckily, for us (and you) the good folks at Top Gear finally decided that enough was enough and they had to find the definitive answer, thus putting the debate to bed once and for all.

But you might be wondering how on earth you can pit a Japanese supercar against a woman? And yes, we know you’re also thinking that it’s ridiculous to let a woman race a car but don’t worry because the GT-R did better than you might think.

The Top Gear team have a wealth of experience when it comes to bizarre features and the video below is no exception. Simply take one 485-horsepower, four-wheel-drive Nissan GT-R and race it against Australian hurdler and model Michelle Jenneke.

The race logistics are simple. The GT-R would accelerate off the start line to the 50-metre marker and then have to reverse back to the start line. Michelle Jenneke would sprint to the 50-metre marker, turn around and sprint back to the start line again. The winner is the one who arrives back at the start line first.

Perhaps the real highlight of the video isn’t the beautiful curves and sexy body of the GT-R but instead the hurdler’s warm-up dance, which has become something of an internet sensation.

So sit back and enjoy as Top Gear finally end the biggest speculation in motoring history…

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