Nissan Juke Nismo RS Sets New Guinness World Record

Nissan have set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest mile (or so) on two wheels. And it wasn’t done using some new Nissan motorbike either…

We recently informed you about Nissan’s plans to unveil a 600-horsepower Juke-R Nismo at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. And, while that was set to be a spectacle in itself, the new Guinness World Record that Nissan have just set at Goodwood is even more eye-opening.

The Japanese auto giants can now proudly boast that they hold the world record for the fastest two-wheel mile set by a four-wheel vehicle. Confused?

In a Juke Nismo RS, stunt driver Terry Grant navigated a lap of the Goodwood course up on two wheels and he did so in just two minutes and ten seconds, shaving a whopping 35 seconds off the previous record.

You can watch the impressive run below, but Grant basically used a ramp to get the Juke on its side and then his insane driving skills to keep it up there over the one mile distance. He maintained an average speed of 30 MPH and didn’t damage the crossover during the run.

You’ll have to excuse the rather drab British commentators. They’re talking about Grant’s feat as if it was an everyday occurrence and simply don’t sound that excited – which they definitely should be!

Check out the video below to witness a seriously skilful bit of driving.

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