Nissan Showcases Sway Concept in Geneva

Nissan has unveiled their Sway concept at the Geneva Motor Show. While it may not be as fierce as the GT-R, it showcases some rather aggressive new styling.

Nissan’s range of mainstream cars have become somewhat boring of late – something that’s quite surprising really when you consider the diversity of the overall Nissan range, with cars like the GT-R and Note.

But now, maybe Nissan have realised that their day-to-day range has slipped into mediocrity and that’s why we’ve seen the more aggressively styled Maxima and Murano being released. And in keeping with that aggressive and engaging styling is the Japanese giant’s latest concept: the Nissan Sway.

It is a fantastic insight into what the future of compact hatchbacks could be like and is by no means ‘boring’. With a new corporate grill and sleek, back-slung “boomerang” headlights, the Sway looks pretty cool.

There are also some rather ominous looking air intakes. Could those hint at performance as well as style? Who knows for now.

Shiro Nakamura, Nissan design chief, said: “With this new concept car for Geneva, we are experimenting to see how Nissan might be able to bring fresh ideas to the compact hatchback segment”.

The Sway is definitely designed for European tastes and could make a big splash when it lands in the European hatchback marketplace in the future. It even borrows some of the back-to-basics styling and the steering wheel from Nissan’s retro-looking IDx concept.

Nissan-Sway-Interior-JDMThe floating roof design we’ve seen on other Nissan vehicles makes the Sway seem a lot roomier due to the increased amount of glass. There’s also a rather minimalistic cockpit, which features just two driver-facing instruments. Everything else has been pushed over to a tablet-style screen which both the driver and passenger can reach.

Overall, the Sway is a futuristic, minimalistic and aggressive addition to the Nissan range. It’s a concept that will undoubtedly shape the future of hatchbacks to come. Whether it makes production remains to be seen, but it’s stylistic elements definitely could on other vehicles.

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