Nissan Take ‘luxury Defined’ and Restore It to Its Former Glory

When Nissan saw Luke Aker’s Craigslist advert offering ‘luxury defined’, the Japanese auto giant decided to drop some cash and restore one of their old vehicles to its former 1996 glory.

Luke Aker wanted to sell his1996 Nissan Maxima and so did what many people do and posted it for sale online. However, Aker’s Craigslist ad and accompanying studio-style video turned out to be much more than your average car listing and subsequently went viral across the web.

You see, Akers was more than just a guy selling an old car. He was, in fact, a filmmaker and used all of his experience to produce a tongue-in-cheek advert that would strike a chord with people across the world. And of all the people who could have bought the Maxima it was Nissan themselves that stumped up the cash – plus $1,000 to a charity of Aker’s choice – and put its fate in the hands of their social media followers.

The consensus was that the tired Maxima, which had a ratchet strap holding its bonnet shut, should be given a lot of TLC and nursed back to its former 1996 glory.

Now, the fruits of Nissan’s labour have finally been revealed and you can see the 1996 Maxima GLE, or ‘luxury defined’ as it came to be known, in its full majesty. Nissan have even given the car a nickname, “Old glory”.

With six months’ worth of work in the car, Nissan decided that they should team up with Aker once more and create a new video that showcased their achievement. The finished product is another smirk-inducing video that parodies the luxury car commercials of yesteryear.

Check out the video for yourself and you’ll see what ‘luxury restored’ really looks like. It further highlights that Nissan are a company with a great sense of humour.

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