Nissan Z Cars Set New World Drift Record

Everyone loves a bit of drifting and at the launch of their new driver development program in the Middle East, Nissan showed us just how well two of their Z cars can do it in unison.

Nissan recently launched their new 370Z Drift Experience in Dubai and to celebrate the event the Japanese car giant set a new Guinness World Record for the longest twin car drift, like you do.

Despite being called the 370Z Drift Experience, one of the cars involved in the new world record was actually a Nissan 350Z. Subtle difference but worth noting nonetheless.

The two Nissan Z cars drifted in tandem around a small, wet track, without stopping, for 28.52 kilometres (approx 17.7 miles). But the 370Z is certainly no stranger to the drifting scene and has long been a favourite of ‘drifters’ for some time. Its 3.7-litre naturally-aspirated V6 engine, which churns out over 330-horsepower, makes it perfect for sliding about in.

Nissan’s Middle East MD, Samir Cherfan, said, “With today’s accomplishment of setting a new Guinness World Records title, we have proven again the strength of our vehicles by adding another Guinness World Records record to our list”.

JDMRacing trivia: what’s the longest drift ever recorded? 89.55 miles, achieved earlier this in July by Harald Müller in a Toyota GT86.

Hmmm, another Japanese car. Can you see a pattern forming?

Nissan’s Middle East Drift Experience has been opened in partnership with Europe’s Prodrift Academy and is geared towards teaching wannabe drifters the finer arts of the sport.

Check out the following video to see some highlights of the event and Nissan’s new world record feat:

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