NSX Type-R Already Rumoured

The Acura NSX made its official debut recently at the Detroit Motor show, but sources now reveal that we may see a Type-R version roll off the production line in the future.

No sooner had we informed you about the Acura NSX getting its long-awaited official release, than Ted Klaus, chief engineer for the new supercar, was stirring up the rumour mill with talk of a Type-R version in the pipeline.

Speaking to British car magazine AutoExpress at the recent Detroit Motor Show, Klaus responded rather aloofly, but nevertheless positively about a potential NSX Type-R:

“I think everyone who loves cars wants to see a version that we say is pure red. The NSX has always been silver first, moving towards red later. Someone asked me, ‘when will you be satisfied?’ Probably never. What you do today, you can improve on tomorrow”, he said.

So it sounds as though we could see an NSX Type-R in the future, but there are still a load of questions that remain, like when? how much? and what will the specs be?

After all, the NSX that just got debuted at the Detroit Motor Show boasts a unique hybrid configuration which puts out over 550-horsepower and features a nine-speed dual clutch transmission.

A previous NSX-R that was released two years after the standard model back in the early 90s benefitted from a reduction in weight and stiffer suspension, among a few other upgrades – at least in the Japanese domestic market anyway. Interestingly, no performance gains were ever officially mentioned.

Obviously, we won’t know more for a while, but judging by history, could we expect an NSX-R within two years? Maybe…

Klaus was also very keen to highlight who he saw as the NSX’s competition; citing the Ferrari 458, Audi R8 V10 and Porsche 911 Turbo all as rivals. With the lowest centre of gravity in its class, the NSX is certainly an exciting prospect.

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