Potential $400k price tag for Honda NSX in Australia

With prices having been announced in the UK, Australian buyers can expect the NSX to come with a price tag of close to $400,000 when it arrives.

Honda UK announced pricing for the much-anticipated Honda NSX on Tuesday, and it looks like the supercar is going to cost British buyers around £8,000 more than previously anticipated.

The UK is the first right-hand drive market to unveil NSX pricing and it should serve as a good indication of what the supercar will eventually cost here in Australia.

With a price tag of £137,500 in the UK, the NSX will be cheaper than the McLaren 570S, which carries a price tag of £143,250, but more expensive than the 532bhp version of the Audi R8 (£119,500).


Interested parties needn’t rush to grab their wallets though, as the NSX has proved extremely popular since it was made available to pre-order, with the supercar reportedly sold out already for the next two to three years. Deliveries of the first 100 examples will arrive between autumn 2016 and 2017.

And before you think that Honda will ramp up production of the tech-laden NSX so that more UK buyers can get their hands on one, don’t. That’s because Honda UK has already said that the NSX will have its exclusivity preserved and “remain a relatively rare sight on the roads”.

Australian buyers can expect to have to fork out around $400,000 for the NSX when it arrives here. For comparison, the Audi R8 is around $335,000 in Australia and the 570S $430,000.

Nevertheless, Honda Australia remains tight-lipped on any potential pricing, so we could end up being surprised when it is finally announced – which is expected to be sometime this month (July).

The hybrid NSX boasts a twin turbo petrol V6 engine and three electric motors, which can apparently propel it to 191mph (over 300km/h). It can also do 0-62mph in an eye-watering 2.9 seconds – who said that hybrids were all about economy?

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