Product Review: Subaru STi Duracon Shift Knob


There are unlimited gear shifters out there but finding the perfect one that fits your hand can sometimes be next to impossible. I think this might be the one though.

The Subaru STi Duracon Shift Knob was an available accessory for both 5 Speed and 6 Speed gearboxes. Duracon is a material which is resistant to heat and cold which makes the shifter feel great when shifting. Unlike various metal shift knobs i’ve used in the past, it’s not freezing in the mornings and doesn’t burn your hand when you touch it for 2 seconds on a 30 degree day!


Shape and fitment-wise, the shifter feels like it is perfectly moulded for my hand. It doesn’t have an excessive amount of grip on it but enough to make you feel confident when shifting and not have to worry about slipping on those hard shifts. The threading of the shifter is M12x1.25 which matches both the WRX and WRX STi. Fitment is super easy, just unscrew the old shifter and slam the new one on!

From another perspective, there are lots of replica/rip off versions of this shifter littering the internet which is another testament to just how great this shifter from Subaru is. Also – white versions of this shifter don’t exist unless they are fake.


At JDMRACING we are able to order you the 5 Speed or 6 Speed Subaru Duracon Shift Knobs direct from Subaru Japan. Don’t run the risk buying one off ebay or at another online store which might be cheaper but you get what you pay for.

If you have used the Subaru Duracon Shift Knob before let us know what you thought of it below.

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