Rebirth of an Icon: the All-New Acura NSX

With over 550-horsepower and a price tag of more than $150,000, is the all-new Acura NSX the supercar that we’ve all been waiting for? Let’s find out…

It’s been 25-years since the debut of the original NSX and now, at the Detroit Motor Show, Acura have officially (and finally) released the second-generation of their iconic supercar.

The original NSX became a cult classic after it was released in the 1990s and with its V6 engine mounted behind the seats, the NSX promised the performance of an Italian supercar but at a much more affordable price.

Now many of you will be wondering why it’s taken Acura so long to revitalise their legendary NSX and while we don’t have a definitive answer to that question, we can tell you that the last few years have been spent making the NSX a whole lot more powerful.

Originally, the NSX was destined to have a naturally-aspirated V6 engine coupled with a hybrid powertrain; a combination that put out around 400-horsepower. However, Acura, quite rightly, decided that this simply wouldn’t be enough in today’s marketplace.

The final version boasts a twin-turbocharged V6 engine with a nine-speed dual clutch transmission and three electric motors. In addition, the all-wheel-drive hybrid supercar features a lightweight, ultra-rigid body; one which has been constructed using materials and construction processes that are getting their first automotive application.

Acura won’t say exactly how much power the new NSX will put out, only that it will be around 550-horsepower. They will, however, say that just like the original NSX, the new model will offer ‘Precision Crafted Performance’.

So, if you’ve got a spare $150,000 and fancy getting your hands on a new NSX, your wait could finally be over. Acura will start accepting pre-orders soon and deliveries can be expected later this year.

In the meantime, here’s a small NSX gallery to further whet your appetite:


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